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At Lynn M. Myrick, Attorney at Law, we understand that your children are at the center of your life. In recognition of that fact, we will work diligently to obtain child custody and parenting time solutions that enable you to enjoy rich, meaningful parental relationships. Whether you want to obtain custody of your children, ensure maximum parenting time with your children, or make certain that your right to be involved in your children’s lives is not diminished, we will stand up for you.

Experienced Custody And Visitation Attorney

Lynn M. Myrick, the founder of our law firm, has been representing parents in custody and parenting time matters for more than 30 years. During that time, Lynn has handled virtually every type of custody and visitation case.

Our law firm can address issues involving:

  • Child custody — sole custody and joint custody
  • Visitation rights and parenting time
  • Proposed child relocation’s
  • Other issues involving children and their parents

How Oregon Courts Rule In Custody And Parenting Time Cases

In Oregon, family courts make decisions on custody and visitation matters based on what they perceive to be the “best interest” of the child. Some of the factors courts use in this regard include:

  • Age, physical and mental condition of the children and each parent
  • The educational needs of the children
  • The role each parent or the family has played and will play in the upbringing and care of the children
  • The willingness of each parent to actively support the child’s contact and relationship with the other parent

Because the judge hearing your case can only decide based on the information he or she receives during the legal process, it is essential that your case is presented persuasively. Having represented hundreds of parents in such matters, Lynn M. Myrick has the experience and advocacy skills needed for this task.

Negotiated Custody Arrangements Vs. Litigation

At our firm, we prefer to negotiate child custody and parenting time solutions whenever possible. In the majority of cases, this is better for all parties. This is especially so for the children who gain confidence and a sense of stability when they see their parents cooperating in child-rearing duties. However, if litigation is required, Grants Pass child custody attorney Lynn M. Myrick will vigorously represent you in court to protect your rights.

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