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The law practice of Lynn M. Myrick is a recognized leader in divorce and family law in Southern Oregon, providing quality legal services for over 30 years. Lynn was raised in the law and continues his father's tradition of integrity, common sense, and the value of mediated settlements. Lynn strives for the timely resolution of his family law cases.

Lynn knows his work has implications for his clients beyond the "victory" in divorce litigation. There are never clear winners or losers in divorce, and the more extensive the litigation and cost to the family, the longer the periods of family disharmony.

Negotiated resolutions are always better for our clients than court imposed decisions. We will always prepare our cases as though court involvement is necessary, but will avoid court unless it is in our client's best interest to go to court. Our office has the latest technology which allows us to efficiently prepare the most complicated financial cases as well as a case for the family of modest means.